Saturday, March 15, 2008

The men with a small penis need to teach, rather than treat

Men who are concerned their small size male dignity, in fact, have a medium-sized penis, Hot News reports. Typically, these patients are seeking an increase over the penis, do not have the correct understanding of the size of normal male genitals.
They are afraid of the future bride!
Canadian researchers examined 92 patients University Hospital in Cairo, Egypt, for the past two years through the Office of andrology in connection with the problem of "smaller members." The study produced the length and circumference measurements of the penis in a calm and erect state, as well as identifying which patients feel normal size.

It was found that in all the examined penis size were within the physiological norm violations of erectile function is also not mentioned. Explaining this fact has forced 79 of them to abandon the idea of increasing penis, and only 13 insisted on treatment. However, further consultations psychologist and sexual convinced them that the problem of artificially produced.
Dr. Rany Shamloul who directed the study, believes that all men need to know what is considered normal penis length of 4 cm in a calm state and from 6.9 centimetres in illustration. Those interviewed cited the minimum 13 centimeters "normal" length of the penis to the proceeding.

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