Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Women need to come together to fight against cancer site reports that to raise $ 100,000 this year, "Women Against Cancer" campaign will channel funds to the Fund of breast cancer and Singapore, the first cervical cancer prevention fund,
which provides education for women and to assist needy victims.

Women play a key role in our society and family. They often provide courage and strength needed for the family
together in times of crisis. Therefore, when women affected by cancer, affects their loved ones can be
The initiative to raise funds for the Foundation of breast cancer and cervical cancer prevention fund benefits cancer patients and their families. More importantly, it will educate our female population on cancer prevention. He deserves our support. I have seen the horrors of cancer of men,
women and children. This is a painful and disabling. No less painful and heart-wrenching for their loved ones.
Early detection will save lives. Let us help in the fight against the disease, ease pain and increase the hope for survival.
20 October 2008, "Women Against Cancer"